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Virgin Mobile Shuttle Phone

$89.95 - $109.95

Stay in touch with your family and friends using the Virgin Mobile Shuttle phone. The Virgin Mobile Shuttle has fast speed 3G internet, support for location-based services, a music player, and a 1.3-mega-pixel camera. Bluetooth capability is built into the Virgin Mobile Shuttle phone and the call quality is the best in prepaid.

The Virgin Mobile Shuttle phone is an outstanding phone for someone looking for a post-paid phone but without the hassles of a contract. The Virgin Mobile Shuttle features advanced location based services such as uLocate service, Buddy Beacon and Where. It is hands down the most stylish Virgin Mobile phone and the quality beats out the best in even our post-paid comparisons.

The Virgin Mobile Shuttle phone comes with a 500-entry phone book, with room in each entry for five numbers, two e-mail addresses, two IM handles, and a Web site URL. Each contact on the Virgin Mobile shuttle phone can then be assigned to a group, and paired up with photo for caller ID. Each entry can also be assigned one of eight sounds for text tones or ringtones (Text tones are alert sounds for incoming messages).

Other basic features on the Virgin Mobile shuttle phone includes text and multimedia messaging, a vibrate mode, a speaker phone, a calendar, an alarm clock, a tip calculator, a regular calculator, a world clock, and a stopwatch.

Advanced features on the Virgin Mobile shuttle phone includes voice command support, stereo Bluetooth, instant messaging, e-mail, as well as the wireless Web browser. The Shuttle also supports Virgin Mobile’s Contact Vault, which acts as an online backup of your phone’s personal contacts list.

The Virgin Mobile Shuttle comes with an outstanding music player, with all the features we’ve come to expect from music phones. You get to create and edit playlists, plus there are repeat and shuffle modes. The player interface is easy to navigate, with an album art prominently displayed and player controls underneath.

To top it all of the Virgin Mobile Shuttle also includes an expandable microSD card slot allowing you to expand the memory by over 2GIGS.


  • Built-in 1.3MP digital camera with Camcorder.
  • Multimedia messaging and text messaging.
  • Internet access and e-mail capability.
  • Built-in MP3 player.
  • Built-in Bluetooth compatibility.
  • Voice-activated and speed dial capable.
  • 500-entry phone book.
  • Hands-free speaker phone.


  • Virgin Mobile Shuttle No-Contract Cell Phone
  • At-home charger
  • Owner’s manual