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Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 Unlocking Service


Do you have an Verizon iPhone 5  that you would like to unlock?

We can unlock your Verizon iPhone 5 permanently through code.


--STEP 1--
You would purchase the service through our online site here.

--STEP 2:--
Once you have placed your order on our site, you will need to reply to the initial email that we have sent you with your IMEI  of your iPhone 5 from Verizon Wireless.  You can find the IMEI of your iPhone 5 from Verizon Wireless by going to SETTINGS-->ABOUT.

--STEP 3--
Once you have emailed your IMEI we will submit your phone for unlocking and it will be unlocked within 24 hours and in most cases within hours.

--STEP 4--
After we have confirmed that your iPhone 5 has been updated and unlocked.  We will send you the steps for the unlocking and once completed you will be all set and will be able to use your Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 with any gsm network (those that use sim cards) world wide.

Please note that the iPhone 5 uses a nano sim card, so you will need a nano-sim card cutter to cut your regular sized sim card to a nano-sim card.  For a limited time we are providing a free nano sim card cutter for all customers that unlock their Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 with us.  We will be mailing you out a nano sim card cutter once you place your order as long as your address is in the United States.  


Q: Which models of iPhone can you unlock?

A: We can unlock all Verizon iPhone 5 only, please DO NOT submit your iPhone 4 or 4s from Verizon Wireless, we can ONLY unlock the iPhone 5 from Verizon.  If you have an AT&T or Virgin Mobile iPhone, we also unlock those as part of our other service packages which you can find on this site.

Q: Does the baseband or OS version matter?

A: No, that is only for software unlocking which is temporary unlocking, this is for permanent unlocking service which allows you to update your software and OS including baseband at any time and preserve the unlocking.

Q: After unlocking can I use any sim card?

A: Yes, after you have unlocked your iPhone via code, you can use any sim card worldwide including T-Mobile, AT&T, Net 10, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Orange etc..  You just need to cut the sim card down to Nano-Sim Card size which you can do by using the free nano-sim card cutter that we will mail out to you. 

Q: After unlocking my phone can I use it with Verizon, Sprint or Boost Mobile?

A: You can continue to use with Verizon Wireless if you were using it before without any issues, but you WILL NOT be able to use it with CDMA carriers such as Sprint, Boost Mobile etc..

Q: What if you are unable to get the unlock code for my iPhone or are unable to unlock it?

A: If your iPhone 5 is still not working, all you have to do is mail us your iPhone 5 and we can attach it to our server using a USB cable and unlock it manually in most cases.  If we see that it is not unlocked and we are unable to unlock it using the server method.  We will give you a full refund for your unlocking fee. NOTE: There is absolutely NO REFUND for this service unless we can verify that your phone is not working when you mail it out to us.  If you accidentally submit iPhone unlocking for a Sprint iPhone, we are not responsible for your mistake and will not be able to get you a refund in those cases either.  ONLY refund will be provided in cases where you mail us your iPhone 5 and we are able to verify that it is not unlocked.

Q: I have additional questions how can I contact you guys?

A: You can contact us in many ways such as the following:

VIA CHAT: Click here to speak with a Virgin Mobile Unlocking Specialist. 

VIA PHONE: Call us at any of the following numbers:

CORPORATE -- (800) 319-4757

UNLOCKING DEPARTMENT -- (202) 683-6005



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4238 Wilson Blvd

Arlington, VA 22203