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Unlocked 8GB iPhone 3G (Certified Pre-Owned)



The unlocked iPhone is a great option for anyone traveling abroad or looking to use T-Mobile for the iPhone.  The iPhone is fully unlocked and can be used on any GSM network worldwide. 

There is no contract required and the iPhone is slightly used and fully unlocked for immediate use.  Just put in your sim card in the phone and you are ready to go on your iPhone 3G.


  • Fully unlocked for use worldwide on any GSM network.
  • Enough built in storage for over 2,000 songs, 6,000 photos
  • Jailbroken, allowing you to download hundreds of free applications through Cydia
  • Smartphone with the latest Apple firmware update included
  • Built in digital camera and multimedia organizer
  • Safari full web browser
  • Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity in addition to 3G high speed mobile web
  • Built in virtual keyboard


Purchasing refurbished / pre-owned is a great option for anyone looking to purchase a phone but does not mind minor wear and tear on the phone.  All of our pre-owned phones are certified and go through our rigorous testing to make sure they are in perfect operating standard.  Most of our pre-owned phones are just open box phones or overstock from the carriers. Each of our pre-owned handsets come with the wall charger in addition the handset.  Some of the handsets may also include the original box and other accessories other than the wall charger as well.

The American Wireless Certified Pre-Owned Handset program allows you to purchase a phone for up to 75% off the MSRP pricing, allowing you to save money while receiving a high end handset.  It is a great option for anyone looking to replace their current lost or stolen cell phone without having to pay the full MSRP pricing.

Call us at (800)319-4757 to speak with a wireless consultant with any questions.