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Sprint LG Rumor -Blue


Sprint LG Rumor Overview

Text it, share it, play it… Rumor has it! What happens when you combine a full QWERTY keyboard, music player, 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth┬« technology? Rumor has it… You’ll catch up on gossip when you’re on the go, and text your friends fast to keep in the “know”! The camera’s for pics to snap, show and share, and listen to your favorite music anywhere!

Sprint LG Rumor Technical Specs

Technology: CDMA 850/1900 MHz
Dimensions: 4.3×2.0×0.7 inches
Weight: 4.1 ounces
Talk Time: 4.5 hours

Sprint LG Rumor Highlights

Full Qwerty Sliding Keyboard
Sprint Navigation helps you get there faster
Key Features
Slim and fashionable
Web, email capable
Built-in camera
External display
Memory card slot

Sprint LG Rumor Extended Specs

Sprint PCS Vision
Sprint PCS Vision gives you instant access to amazing things you will really use, every day. You’ll enjoy advanced wireless services, like web access, email and text messaging that is easy to learn and use anytime. Plus, with the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network you get the nationwide coverage and voice clarity you’ve come to expect from Sprint. Get the most from your Sprint PCS Vision phone today.

Qwerty Keypad
Access menus and other screens instantly. Compose messages and enter data on the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Built-in radio technology for short-range wireless communication. When used with your Sprint PCS Phone and accessories, Bluetooth allows fast, secure transmission without cables or wires, even though the two devices are not in line-of-sight. Bluetooth wireless accessories sold separately.

1.3 megapixel camera and video camcorder
Capture high resolution images with the digital camera and zoom. Create your own video clips and easily share them with family and friends.

MP3 Audio Player
Listen to your favorite music using your phone’s MP3 Player

Mass Storage
Store photos, video clips, voice memos and music for instant access anytime. Supports up to a 4GB card.

One Touch Messaging Access
Ability to access the messaging menu with 1 touch. The softkey from the idle screen takes you to messaging menu. Also, whenever you slide open the phone, it automatically populates the messaging menu for you.

SMS Text Messaging
Instantly send and receive SMS text messages across the room or around the country.

T9 Text Input
Compose your messages easier and faster with prediction text input using the phone’s built-in dictionary. T-9┬« Text Input lets the device predict the text you enter. It makes sending messages simple and more efficient!

Instant Messaging
Send and receive IM and email from your phone. Join a Web-based topic group or chat privately.

NFL Mobile Live access
Listen to live audio broadcasts of every regular season game and watch the live broadcasts of all NFL Network games. Get real-time red zone alerts, scores, stats, live NFL Network 24/7 and more. Manage your fantasy football team like a pro with up-to-the-minute insights, analysis, stats and alerts. How to Access: Text “NFL” to 7777
on your Sprint phone to download a full version of the application or download NFL Mobile Live from Sprint Digital LoungeSM. *Standard text messaging and data rates apply.

SMS Voice Messaging
Send voice messages to any number or email address in your phone book without dialing or waiting. Easily play back voice messages sent to your inbox.

Built-in Ring Tones
Choose from 30 built-in ring tones, offering a variety of traditional ring tones as well as polyphonic melodic ring tones (up to 32 chords) and vibrating alert.

Text Tones
Assign a text tone to a contacts entry so you can identify the sender by the text tone.

Communities Access
Quick access to Facebook web page in the messaging menu.

Built-in Productivity Tools
Access your planner and scheduler; check your task list and more. Also includes a world clock, calculator, memo pad, and alarm clock.

Download and play entertaining; interactive games that you’ll want to play all of the time. With hundreds of games to choose from , you’ll find the games just right for you.

Internal Phone Book
Assign up to 499 entries, each storing 5 numbers, email and internet addresses, with a total phone book capacity of up to 2495 numbers, email and URL addresses.

Hands-free operation of your phone is made easy with the built-in speakerphone.