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Sprint BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i


Sprint BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Overview

This part push-to-talk and part smartphone means business. You can now stay connected with people and information like never before. With features such as corporate email, calendar, Group Connect®, Web browsing, and a host of pre-loaded business apps, this PDA is a must-have for all mobile professionals.

Sprint BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Highlights

Wi-Fi® capable
Thin, full QWERTY keyboard design
Key Features
Nextel Direct Connect®
Group Connect
GPS enabled
Slim and fashionable
Web, email capable
Built-in camera
External display
Memory card slot
Voice dialing

Sprint BlackBerry® Curve™ 8350i Feature Set

Nextel Direct Connect®
Direct Connect service that instantly connects you to all other Nextel users – across town, across the nation. It’s now available in up to five countries.

Full QWERTY Keyboard and Trackball Navigation
Faster and Easier typing and navigation.

BlackBerry push technology for email and messaging
Get all of your email in one place wirelessly. Receive emails from your corporate and personal email accounts.

Embedded Wi-Fi Capable
Connecting to a Wi-Fi network isn’t complicated. With the Wi-Fi feature engaged, the device locates available networks. With the right one selected and correct password entered the connection is complete. Once a network is set up, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i smartphone can reconnect automatically whenever the device is in range.

Group Connect
Users can instantly connect a group of people nationwide – all at once – with the Group Connect service. Click here to learn more about this service.

Talk Group
A Blackberry smartphone user can make group calls using Push to Talk with the TalkGroup feature. To make or receive a group call, you must be a member of TalkGroup. All members of the TalkGroup can speak or listen during a group call, but only one member can speak at a time.

2.0 MP Camera
2.0 MP digital camera featuring a 5x digital zoom, flash and video recording.

Micro SD Card slot
1GB MicroSD card included give you the room you need for larger work files, presentations, reports, documents or fun files like photos and music.

Bluetooth 2.0 Technology
Fast and secure transmission without cables or wires

GPS capable
Allows you to view your geographic location and works with BlackBerry maps as well as other location-based services.

Media Player
Features a media player with stereo headset jack, so you can play video and music files you’ve downloaded.

Integrated Attachment Viewing
View attachments in popular file formats such as Microsoft® Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint®.

DataViz® Documents to Go®
Pre-loaded software makes it easy to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly on the phone.

Full Messaging Capabilites
Instant Messaging and SMS Text Messaging.

Internal Antenna
Improves design appeal and durability.

Enjoy easy, hands free communication with a speakerphone that lets you hear callers loud and clear.

Brilliant Color display
Vibrant TFT display with 65K colors and 320×240 resolution.

Virtual Preloads
Pocket Express, Sprint Software Store, Navigation, BIZ Apps, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, NFL Mobile, NASCAR Mobile.

Voice Command and Voice Activated Dialing
The Built-in speaker independent voice command lets you use your voice to look up contacts, place phone calls and get key information from your device.

1400 mAh Battery
Provides the exceptional batery life that BlackBerry smartphones are known for.

International Direct ConnectSM
International Direct Connect Calling lets you instantly connect from the U.S. to users in other eligible countries including Canada and Mexico. In addition, International Direct Connect Roaming lets you make and receive push-to-talk calls while traveling in those countries.