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Samsung Rant -Purple


Samsung Rant Overview

The side-sliding QWERTY keyboard enables serious communicators to let their fingers fly. Also, personalize your home screen with Sprint® One Click.

Samsung Rant Highlights

Full QWERTY slider so you can email, text or IM in a flash
Put one-click access to texting, web access, MySpace requests, email, entertainment and more right on your home screen

Samsung Rant Key Features

Sprint Music StoreSM
Sprint TV® enabled
GPS enabled
Slim and fashionable
Web, email capable
Built-in camera
External display
Memory card slot
Voice dialing
Broadband speeds where available

Samsung Rant Features

Sprint® One Click
Sprint One Click is a customizable home screen created to optimize your experience by giving you quick access to the things you use the most.

2.0 megapixel camera and video camcorder
Capture high-resolution images with the digital camera and zoom. Create your own video clips and easily share them with family and friends.

MP3 Player
Transfer music files from a PC or download from the Sprint® Music Store and listen to your songs via the speakerphone or a stereo headset accessory.

Bluetooth® Enabled including Stereo BT profile
Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication by using headsets, car-kits and other Bluetooth-compatible devices. Stereo Bluetooth lets you listen to your music on the go or listen to your music using compatible accessories without wires. Bluetooth wireless accessories are sold separately.

Sprint Mobile Email Work
Now access work email on the popular non-PDA phones. Receive email from Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 and Lotus Notes Domino versions 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 with our latest software update.

SMS Text Messaging
Instantly send and receive SMS text messages across the room or around the country.

MicroSD Memory Card Slot
Store songs, video, and pictures to a removable memory card, easily transferred to your computer. Supports up to an 16GB MicroSD memory card

GPS enabled
Receive audible and visual turn-by-turn driving directions, map your location, or conduct local searches direct from your handset.

Background music playing mode
Use the Sprint Music Store to listen to music while sending text messages, browsing the Web, or playing a downloaded game.

Picture caller ID
Identify callers at a glance by linking downloaded photos and other images to your phone book.

Sprint Music Store Enabled
Download stereo-quality tracks instantly to your wireless phone or PC. Choose from thousands of artists in virtually every genre, and listen wherever you go.

Sprint TV® Enabled
Watch live TV and video-on-demand with full-motion video and vivid sound. Catch the latest news, sports, weather, entertainment and movie trailers on the go.

Wireless Backup
If your phone is ever lost, stolen, damaged or replaced, you can use Wireless Backup to restore your contact information quickly and easily. Additional charges apply.

Streaming Music
Listen to R&B, hip-hop, country and rock, and access Sirius, Vh-1 and MTV to see the latest headlines and video clips of your favorite artists.

Bluetooth Caller ID
When connected to a Bluetooth device, caller information for incoming calls will be spoken through the Bluetooth device. Decide to answer the call without ever looking at your phone.

Speaker-Independent Voice Dialing
Say the name of any entry in your phone book and the number is dialed automatically without using the keypad. This feature is speaker-independent, so there is no need to train the phone to respond to any one person’s voice. Receive an audible status report of your phone/s coverage, signal strength, and battery strength.