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Remote - Sprint to PagePlus Cellular Flashing Service


Do you have a Sprint cell phone?  You can now flash it over to PagePlus Cellular service and use your Sprint cell phone on PagePlus cellular service running on the Verizon network. 

Your phone can even be blacklisted by Sprint such as having a bill due on it and we can still flash it over for use with PagePlus Cellular service.

Page plus is quickly becoming one of the most popular prepaid cell phone providers in the world. Page plus will allow android cell phones to work on any of their plans. You can go here to see what plans they offer and decide if page plus is right for you. Click here for the page plus coverage map.

Benefits of PagePlus Cellular service:
  • No Contract and No Credit Checks Required.
  • You can keep your existing Sprint or Verizon cell phone and program or flash over to PagePlus Cellular .
  • Keep your same phone number and migrate over.
  • Plans start at just $12 a month and goes up to $55 a month for unlimited talk, text and web.
  • Runs on the nation's largest and most dependable network.
  • Now $55 plans have unlimited talk, text and web with 2 GB of data

Compatible Sprint phones for flashing to PagePlus Cellular:

Blackberry: 8530, 9330, 9630, 8130, 9650

HTC: Hero, Evo 4G, Evo Shift, Evo 3D, Evo Design

LG: Remarq, Rumor Touch, Optimus S, Rumor, Rumor 2, Fusic, Muziq, Lotus, Lotus Elite, LX125, LX150, LX290, LX370

Motorola: Photon, Xprt

Samsung: Conquer, Epic, Epic Touch, Nexus S, Seek, Rant, Exclaim, Reclaim, Replenish, Upstage, Highnote, Instinct 1,2, Moment, Intercept, Transform, Transform Ultra

Sanyo: Pro 200, Pro 700, Juno, Katana 2, Incognito, Zio

How does this remote flashing process work?

  1. First order the service by clicking on add to cart and check out.
  2. Download the following software: TeamViewer
  3. Respond to the email that you received for your receipt with the following information:
  • Your current PagePlus Phone Number and the ESN of the current phone that it is currently connected to.  If you do not already have  PagePlus service you need to first activate your service by submitting the Online Activation Form by going to: PagePlus Online Activation.
  • Cell Phone Carrier (Sprint / Verizon)
  • Cell Phone Manufacturer (HTC / Motorola / Samsung / Blackberry / LG etc..)
  • Cell Phone Model (Evo, Evo 3D, Remarq, Nexus S etc..)
  • Your Teamviewer Login and Password 
  • Along with the date and time (EST) when you will have your cell phone connected to your PC via USB cable so that we can connect in to process the remove flashing.

Please make sure that you have internet service during that period and you do not need to be at your PC when we are flashing and we will e-mail you the instructions for pre-flashing your device which you need to do before connecting your cell phone to the PC.

If you have any questions please click on the ONLINE CHAT BELOW OR CALL US AT (800)319-4757.