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iPhone Internet Tethering Software / Programming


Tether your iPhone for use on your PC or laptop as an internet modem.

This program / iPhone programming will allow you to use your iPhone has a high speed internet modem for use on your PC or laptop.

The sofware will allow you to use your iPhone either connected via USB cord or via wirelessly through the setup of an AD-HOC network which we can assist you in setting up on your PC.

To be able to use this software for your iPhone you must have data package subscription allowing you to use the web on your iPhone.

There is just a one time charge for the programming and setup of your system and afterwards you can use it on any PC or laptop that you choose.

1. Your iPhone must be unlocked with Cydia installed.
2. Your iPhone must be already setup with web access through your provider.

After purchasing the package you will be contacted within 48 hours with your setup link and an agent will call you to walk you thruough the whole process.

Never pay monthly internet fees again for your PC by tethering your iPhone to access the internet on your laptop or PC.