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Do you want to get NET10 WIRELESS service?

Get unlimited talk, text and web for just $50 a month with NET10 WIRELESS all with no contracts or credit checks.

Keep your same phone number and keep your same phone with bring your own phone options with NET10 WIRELESS service.

Why pay more when you can have the same nationwide coverage all for half the price.

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Please find some reviews below regarding NET10 WIRELESS SERVICE from Phone Dog:

Best $30 a month I have paid.

By Bob Ernst, posted: Jul 11I had Verizon,and the price was sky high. All I need a phone for calling, not the web. I have 3 computers for that. Net10 saves me allot of money per month, rarely it does drop a call, but so did the 3X's the highly priced Verizon. I do not have any problems with Net10, but then again I use a basic phone. It might be different with an android, I do not know.

Overall, good phone plan for the $$.

By Penny A Ryland, posted: Jun 23After paying very high monthly payments with AT&T, I made the switch to the Net10 Family (2 people) Unlimited Data, Talk, Text plan. Payments are as low as $85 per month when signed up for the monthly auto payments. I get great service - no dropped calls with my LG but my daughter constantly has that problem with her Samsung when in a certain area of our home. I do have a problem with memory on my LG Optimus Logic since it seems that I can not utilize the 4GB SD card. I can save some pics to the card but none of my apps. I have read that the problem has been fixed for the more recent LG Otimus phones so I will most likely purchase one of those when absolutely necessary. The Samsung however, is a better phone for saving many apps. Now when calling customer service to get the phone numbers transferred, it was very painful ( the website did not work at that particular moment for this and I had a deadline). It was painful because none of the '4' Net10 customer service reps I spoke to spoke English well at all. When the numbers were finally transferred and service started, all has been well for the most part. And I have not had a problem with using up my data for the unlimited data plan so they must have fixed that problem.

No problems.

By Bill Planck, posted: Jun 21I am very pleased with Net10. I had a problem with voice mail. The problem was solved via forum PM's. I have 2 lines that work great. 2 lines for 50 a month total 1500 minutes per month. Glad to be rid of T-Mobile!

Service seems to do exactly what it says

By Rich Scharf, posted: May 25I just switched from ATT to net10, and it was painless. Ported my number using the web site, took 20 minutes, used the SIM swap method to change APN and MMS settings for my iPhone 5, and all is right with the world. I have not had to use their customer service that everyone seems to complain about, but then again, I actually read the directions and terms of service, so no real surprises.

Has gotten better!!

By Coty Carothers, posted: May 17Their old APN settings were horrible, very unreliable. They update them and now I don't have any issues. Customer service is horrible.


By Daniil Grin, posted: Apr 21Before NET10 I've been a T-mobile customer. Reason for leaving T-mobile was my Unlocked Samsung Galaxy R smartphone, which wasn't supported by T-mobile on data web at all. All what I am writing here is absolute truth. I don't have any complaints and frustrated moments with my unlimited talking plan. Connection as well as T-mobile. About data & web. Since my Galaxy phone doesn't support 4G, it's working only on 3G or H+ with NET10. I live in Albany NY state, and my maximum data speed is 3mb/second, by which I very satisfied. But my regular common data speed usually is 2,5mb/sec, that is good for me as well. Definitely, their Customer Service must work a little bit better then now. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to reach a technical assistance.

Great basic phone service

By Photobill, posted: Mar 26It took a while to get my existing cell number transferred, but net10 eventually worked out the glitches. I have a basic flip phone, can send and receive texts, and make phone calls. Service coverage is very string wherever I've been. No service in Canada. Better than AT&T which I had previously. Price can't be beat for basic service. $15/month for 200 minutes which accumulate month to month. I currently have almost 700 minutes accumulated after a years service. Good coverage, great price, reliable service for just basic phone service. My wife's US Cellular plan costs 3x more. Going to switch her over soon.

I never had a problem with Net10 WIRELESS since I sign up

By Josie Harmon, posted: Dec 12WOW after reading all these complaints I wonder why I get such good service. Had no problem transferring my number to Net10. I am on an easy minutes plan and I get my minutes on time every month. I really have no complaints about Net10.

Can't get to my voice.

By Shirley Lesher Lampe, posted: Nov 12Every time I put in my pass word it won't let me hear my voice mail. I have already email them once. They said it would take about 4 hours. Nothing. Not good service either.This $50 LG phone is junk also. Language is all broke up. Would never make an important call on this phone. Can only text.

Absolutely fantastic service at NET10 WIRELESS

By Jenn Thomas, posted: Jul 12I've never needed to call customer service, so I can't respond to the complaints here. But I can tell you that Net10 gave me a voodoo phone. I haven't paid a dime for it since November 2011, and I get unlimited service every month. The coverage is better than T-Mobile and Boost in my area, and crystal clear reception. And did I mention I've had free service for the last seven months?

Service OK for NET10 WIRELESS, God help you if you need customer service or support!!

By Clark W. Griswold, posted: Apr 12This was my email complaint after several attempts to speak to somebody with a clue: I have had a Net10 phone since 2009. I ordered a new phone from your website on April 2 or so and never received it. The charge to my bank account disappeared and when I called your support people they had no record of anything and they maintained that my email address is invalid.....although it works just fine when I use it to access my account. I spoke to Sheena, who claimed she was a supervisor, and who maintained this was all my fault because she couldn't access my account because she couldn't get the email address right. I spelled it out to her 3 times but somehow that just wasn't enough. So I gave up trying to get any help out of her and I ordered the same phone for the second time on April 10. On April 12 I used the 'Track My Order' to check on it and the status was listed as 'Canceled'. I called earlier today and spoke with Noel about this and he could not give me any answers about anything, saying I need to call my bank because this order was allegedly cancelled due to a 'fraud' issue which he had no information about. I called my bank and was told there was no 'fraud' issue. So now I'm left with no recourse whatsoever in trying to get one simple phone from you people. I get no help, your support people are clueless and have no idea how to resolve this. Every suggestion I made was answered with a 'NO' we can't do that. It's pretty clear you people can't do anything. The reason I'm taking the time to write this is because up until now I haven't had any problems with your service. I just want a better phone. That's it. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? But it appears I'll have to go to another provider just to get a simple damn phone. So I want somebody who knows their ass from first base to call me and resolve this issue. I've been on the phone with your incapable support people 4 times so far and I'm no closer to getting another phone. All I've heard is how the support person can't do this or they can't do that and I'm telling you I want to hear from somebody in your organization who actually can do something. If you want my business to go somewhere else I can certainly do that but my travails with this abysmal customer service will be well documented. If you're going to be this combative and uncooperative with me I'm going to make sure people are aware of how incompetent you are before they waste any money.

Net10 Rocks.....

By mancave77, posted: Apr 12You people really crack me up with your bad reviews LMAO and then some LOL....What kind of phone you have is what determines the NETWORK you use for SERVICE LOLOLOLOL and you wonder why so many of you have bad service in your area. Verizon owns them along with Straight-Talk and Tracfone LMAO I suppose you people think Verizon owns all the towers they use too, right? LOL You know it's really funny all the complaints about customer service. What company in the World has perfect customer service? Well for everyone dropping Net10 because they no not what they are talking about or how a cell phone works is the funniest of all LOL I've got multiple SIMS replaced, minutes, and phones. Treating people with respect gets you far in this world!!! And knowing what your talking about helps too lmfao

NET10 WIRELESS keeps getting better

By Jerry Manning, posted: Mar 12first, net10 is not owned by at&t like a reviewer. they lease the lines from at&t, or another carrier. they're owned by a company south of the U.S., that also owns StraightTalk and Tracfone. Depending on where you live, is how you're given the carrier. The phone calls are fantastic (I'm on at&t lines). far superior to the t-mobile i'm using (but will let go). have an lg900, and surprised by the internet speed as well. although the pages have to be small, because the lg900 (or net10?) has only a 300mb page size limit. which sucks. best deal going for casual users.

Service works well

By biggiantBrian, posted: Feb 12I have had my Net10 phone for 6-8 months and never had a real problem with it. When I transferred my number, I found out it became owned by AT&T. In other words, they are owned by AT&T. Net10, Straight Talk and Tracphone are all the same company. So those on here who say one of those is better don't have a clue. The customer service is horrid, if you are good with a computer you will never even need to talk to them, because you will be able to do all activation and number transferring online. But my father had problems transferring his number to tracphone which is once again same company and same customer service alone with Straight talk. It was terrible, they tried to say since his simm chip was activated with a different phone number that they could not change it to his prior number. After about an hour of fighting with them because it was their fault that it got activated with the wrong number. I was finally able to find someone there that was able to change the phone number on the simm to his old one. He initially called in to activate and the activation rep messed up, it surely didn't help that he is over 60, so if you are old and not good with this stuff ask a young person for help activating and you should be just fine. As for those who complain about the andriod stuff, until the 2x comes out they have yet to carry a well reviewed andriod phone. before you buy a particular phone you should always google the model number and watch and read the reviews. Some phones are made cheaply, and this includes the low end android models. I have considered getting one but the reviews told me to wait cuz the next generation of low end androids are going to be better. And the reviews of the LG Optimus 2x are way better than the previous offerings from straight talk and Net10.

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