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NET 10

Sold Out!

Do you want to get NET 10 service?

Get unlimited talk, text and web for just $50 a month with NET 10 all with no contracts or credit checks.

Keep your same phone number and keep your same phone with bring your own phone options with NET 10 service.

Why pay more when you can have the same nationwide coverage all for half the price.

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NET 10 Wireless Online Center powered by American Wireless.

Please feel free to click on the live chat to speak with one of our NET 10 service experts to help you answer any questions that you have regarding NET 10 service.

When you need the best in wireless you can count on American Wireless to find the right solution for all your needs.


Please find some reviews below regarding NET10 SERVICE from Phone Dog:

value for money

By Monique Abbey, posted: Oct 10The good: No contract, no bills, no overages, good rates, great coverage.

The bad: customer service could be better

Summary: Funny how we get hooked into a habit so easily. I suddenly woke up one day to the fact that I was paying around $100 month after month just for the convenience of chatting and sending and receiving texts. Half the time, the call it wasn't even that necessary. Most of the time, I wasn't sure what all I was being billed for. Reassessed my spending, switched to net10 and don't have a moment of regret. I've recently upped my usage to $50, but that's still $50 saving! And the deal is even better than what I had on the same network. Unlimited talk, text and web (and 411, though I don't use that much). Coverage is good, with no national roaming charges. All this with no contract, no minute counting or overages. For the savings I'm making annually, I'll put up with the lower quality customer services.

The perfect service for teens

By Linda Blair , posted: Sep 10I bought this service for my teen son, he was begging and begging for a cell phone and I ran out of excuses to buy him one when we came across Net 10. I got him a LG cell phone and he is thrilled. The treat for parents is the fact that's prepaid. I allot an x amount each month on his cell phone card and that's what he gets. Amazingly instead of expending more and ask for more minutes, my son learned to actually control and administrate the balance on his card. I think it's great! 

net 10-

By Janet Henerson, posted: Aug 10The good: great service
good coverage 
no contract

The bad: not an iphone

Summary: listen of course I want an iphone or a phone that could basically do everything for me. But there is no way I could ever pay 100 dolalrs a month for a phone bill. That just isnt the way the economy is working anymore. someone told me to get a prepaid phone and reccomended Net10. I AM SO glad they did. I spend 30 bucks at most a month and get everything I really need. talking, texting, just everything that is realistic. The coverage is great.. I actually had worse coverage on my iphone!!
And with no contract, I dont feel bullied by a big company.

Net10 subscriber for 1.5 years and counting

By Net10 User, posted: Jul 10The good: fixed cost, excellent coverage (uses AT&T's network)

The bad: apparent off-shore customer support difficult to deal with

Summary: only had one notable problem dealing with their apparent off-shore customer support which seemed unable to resolve my particular problem. However, I contacted corporate which resolved the issue quickly, efficiently and professionally, so I'm still a satisfied customer.

Awesome value! Best prepaid! is Net 10

By Sarah Jameson, posted: Jul 10The good: Great value for money with low call rates & excellent network. Reliable. Free minutes and airtime on purchase of phone.

The bad: Basic handsets. Not ideal for data use.

Summary: If you're not looking for a smartphone and you want to save on your cell expenses then this low-cost carrier is your answer. Others might advertise comparable prices but NET10 provides a quality, nationwide service unequalled by the other prepaid carriers. Hnadsets are of the basic, limited feature variety so don't expect too much. 

NET 10 means bang for your buck!

By Kevin Slim, posted: Jul 10The good: Great value for money! Low call rates (nationally AND internationally) with zero hidden fees like those 'daily use' charges other carriers levy. 300 minutes & 2 months service free with every phone means you practically get the phone free or heavily discounted, depending on the handset you choose. 
Network coverage is the best I've seen on prepaid.

The bad: Not very upmarket handsets, although there are now a few nice qwerty sliders and even a blackberry lookalike.

Summary: No hassles with this service. Pay only for the minutes you use. No contract means no ETF, no service fees, no hidden charges and no surprise bills at the end of the month. Refill cards are widely available and very quick and easy to use. 
Definitely recommended.

You'll Be Happy You Have It

By Maxwell Pollock, posted: Jul 10The good: Excellent coverage, service, and price.

The bad: Average to above average phones, no contracted bulk packages for talking/texting.

Summary: Net 10 has thus far proven to be a great buy and value. Despite the lack of really fancy phones and huge value plans, Net10 beats most carriers. I doubt most people even use all the minutes they sign up for under a contract, and with Net 10 you eliminate the contract and pay only for the minutes you use. The phones are perfectly functional, durable, and allow easy talking/texting. International calling is completely reasonable and great coverage towers are certainly an advantage. Overall, I highly recommend if you're looking to change cell carriers.

NET 10 is real good

By Simon Cass, posted: Jun 10The good: Absolute best prepaid network coverage! Very low rates with no added charges.

The bad: Limited handsets - no smartphones here...
Very limited web.

Summary: NET 10 is a great choice for low and even medium phone users. Low pricing with no extra charges like daily use fees or roaming charges means their pricing plans are simple and easy to understand - always 10c per minute. Takes the guess-work out of it. 
Handsets are limited but they have a few very nice feature phones available now. 

Absolutely legendary coverage. It seems their phones just work anywhere and everywhere. Very seldom that I'm without signal bars on my phone, call quality is mostly good. 

Definitely recommended.

Net 10 is awesome

By lester bronze, posted: Jun 10The good: Value, service, coverage, transparency, savings

The bad: None so far

Summary: Hi there I live in San Diego and I recently got a Net10 phone and I just wan to let everyone know about the awesome experience and service I've had from them. The most obvious bonus of any prepaid carrier is the savings and transparency (knowing exactly where your money goes) but there are also things I never expected like amazing coverage, great service and ease and convenience of use (including transactions with net10). I really have loved being with net10 for the last 4 months and would highly recommend them! To see some of the reasons net10 are awesome check out this link!

net 10's awsome!

By ethan nelson, posted: Jun 10The good: cheap

The bad: no cons

Summary: net 10 is awsome! i have a net10 phone and it's great! the service is SO cheap! each phone comes with 300 mins and 60 days of service. the mins are displaid on the screen so you done't have to remember to get mins! i pay about $15 a month! it's the cheapest service ever! you can get 200, 300, 400, 450, 600, 900, 1000, and 2000 min cards at any store.


By Danielle T, posted: May 10The good: -Great price
-Just the amount of minutes needed

The bad: -Limited phones

Summary: I wanted to have a way to contact my 15 year old daughter without spending much money. At first, I was just going to add her to my current cell phone plan, but realized I would end up spending a lot of money on something she didn't even need. All she needed was a way to pick up her phone to call me and say "I'm ready for you to pick me up" and the I went online to do research and found Net10...I KNEW this would work out perfectly...and it has. I am paying as I go...and saving a tremendous amount of money. $0.10 per minute is the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Net 10, raw service, raw reliability, raw value

By Danny Fidler, posted: May 10The good: Great savings, good quality, Innovation in market, No contracts, money saving, no nonsense

The bad: CS really is a hassle, but are not seriously worth stressing over

Summary: I will never use a contract again. I use net10 because you get what you pay for, Its up front, its value. You know exactly what you’re getting for your money. The minutes are cheap, the text are cheaper, net is just as good as anyone.

Net 10 gives me clear rates and savings

By Cameron Barnes, posted: May 10The good: Clear pricing and no hidden costs

The bad: Limited to their phone selection

Summary: In the few months I've been with Net10 I've grown to really like their service. I know exactly what I'm paying for, how many minutes and texts I have left at any stage and how long they'll last for. As someone who hates all the hidden costs and service fees from banks and cell phone providers, this is a revelation to me. I haven't come up against their spotty customer service, but with the cost savings they offer I can understand if they're cutting corners somewhere. As long as they keep offering me the same rates and coverage, I'll keep using them happily.

You cant touch this

By Timmy Bran, posted: May 10The good: Reliable, Cheap, Honest, Innovative

The bad: Not the worlds fastest CS

Summary: have used net10 for about 3 years now and think it will take a world war for me to change. I have come to rely on net10 as a small to medium business owner. We are a small transport company and have a few drivers. Net10 really is the greatest thing. It cuts our operational costs by about 80% in the communications department due to driver abuse of phones.

Net 10 is for me!

By Amita Yonge, posted: May 10The good: Inexpensive. Reliable. No contract!Easy to understand plan. Roll over minutes

The bad: Having to remember to buy minutes before expiration.

Summary: Since switching to Net10, I'm saving about $30 a month. Haven't had a single dropped call.

Best prepaid IMHO

By Kevin Slim, posted: Apr 10The good: Low rates. No BS. No daily charges. Free roaming. No hidden fees. No contract. Great phones. Excellent network coverage with great call quality.

The bad: Customer service can be tricky.

Summary: I switched over from a contract and was impressed after the first month already that my cell expenses had dropped by 50%. I have very few call related problems - mostly in places where I couldn't make any calls before anyway. NET 10 got rid of a lot of the rip-off tactics some of the other carriers use to gouge their customers. Their only flaw is their less-than-stellar CS. I've found that if I get a rep on the other side that can't understand what I want in the first 30seconds, it's best to hang up and try again. Fortunately I've only had to phone CS a couple of times in 6 months.

Helps alot!!!!!

By Sinead Queiros, posted: Apr 10The good: Good phones, Long battery life, cheap minutes, Very good emergence phones.

The bad: Cs can be a little troublesome, but you can get around them easily if you try

Summary: We have 3 net10 phones we keep for emergences in the two cars and one in the house. They are just in case phones, But we do use them at least several times amount in the cars as my husbands company give us free regional phones, they don’t work out of the city we live in and there is never signal anywhere, when there is they charge us so much. Net10 is great most of the time with few problems.

Love it

By Jon Diaz, posted: Mar 10The full keyboard is a great benefit. The two free months and 300 minutes to start was nice and the flat rate is doable. Is great for my kids, its a cool enough phone for them and the service saves me alot of money compared to contracts for them.

I love Net10

By max lefterson, posted: Mar 10The good: The affordability of the service

The bad: The fact that everybudy doesn't know of the service

Summary: I have been using Net 10 for 1 year and 6 months now and really appreciate the service. I never have any dropped calls. As my mother is in a nursing home now it is nice to have a phone and be accessible to her at all times. Net10 is great for reliablitity.

Best Prepaid Service

By Jenna Mays, posted: Mar 10 Net 10 is by far one of the top prepaid services out there today. It even received the JD Power Award for "best no-contract experience". For just 10 cents per minute and 3 cents per text, I am saving tons - especially compared to my old monthly contract. Its perfect for me too because it keeps me in touch with my family for a great price!

Constant Communication with kids!!!!

By Luis Alvarez, posted: Mar 10The good: *Well-priced
*$200 card (expiration is 1 year after purchase) = 2000 minutes!!!
*No contract
*No monthly fee
*Text message & internet available!

The bad: *Basic phones
*Minutes expire if not used...depends on the card you get.

Summary: I needed a way for my wife to get a hold of our kids when picking them up from school, mall, etc - but I didn't want them to have anything extravagant...I didn't want my kids to be on the phone or texting for social purposes. THANK GOD FOR NET10!!!! I bought each child (14 yrs & 11 yrs) a $200 card...1 year expiration....2000 minutes. I explained that this is for a NEED ONLY basis...this was the best decision I could have made. It is a WONDERFUL service. This fits my needs perfectly. To all you parents out there contemplating purchasing a cell phone for your kids...forget the high priced monthly services & go straight to Net10! I promise you, you will NOT regret end up saving substantially & teach your children self discipline! Nice job Tracfone! A+!

works well in rural

By Janet McClure, posted: Mar 10The good: I live out in the country and the Net10 reception is good here. Also my house has a metal roof. A lot of cell phones can't get reception under a metal roof, but I've never had a problem with Net10.

The bad: Buying minutes online is too complicated. Giving your cell phone number should be enough. It must be obvious you're buying minutes for your phone if you give your number.

Summary: Overall, I think Net10 is a very good service. It's cheap and I've traveled coast to coast without a glitch in reception, plus there are no roaming charges to worry about. Also, if I'm low on minutes, there are lots of places that sell cards with minutes. One of the Net10 features I like best is international calling. That may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but I have good friends in other countries and I can chat with them for little or nothing.

two thumbs up

By Cris Harris, posted: Mar 10The good: Great value for money, does what it was made for. No expensive and binding contracts. Unlimited for $50.

The bad: Cs took a few minutes to sort things out. but who minds when you saving this much money

Summary: I got a net10 phone when i moved to New York when my phone went missing. Loved it ever since. It works and im so glad to just have something that is hassle free. I’m saving allot of money on the unlimited plan and i got a nice phone. What more do you need!

Great phone for people who don't talk a lot

By kathy herron, posted: Jan 10The good: - Dropped my Motorola W375 in the toilet - worked fine afterward
- No service problems whatsoever
- Ring tones sounded great
- Cheap since I use it rarely
_ With my T401G (one of the more expensive phones) texts are only .30 instead of .50 
- My Motorola W375 lasted 3 yrs before I just decided I wanted a new one.
- Net 10 warns you a few times before your service expires, so you don't forget to add minutes.

The bad: - Cut off date for service or they cancel it and you have to start all over again
- Getting an answering machine counts as 1 minutes of use

Summary: This plan is just right for the amount of use I need. I've never had to call customer service for help. Great prices, reception, phones, and ends up cheaper in the end for me than a plan.

can't beat the far!!

By allan herre, posted: Aug 09The good: I get a signal wherever I go

The bad: spend your minutes wisely.

Summary: In my case... at this moment, the 300 minutes load just put me in a middle where I get an occasional calls that lasted over 15 minutes and a no call at all in a day. So, I'm averaging $30 a month plus tax on my cell phone bill. having my phone for at least 5 months, I never get the chance to call their customer support and complain about something. I get a signal wherever I go and "never had a drop call"..I think! HOWEVER, I HAD A CALL WHERE I THOUGHT WAS ENDED BUT MY MINUTE IS STILL RUNNING UNTIL I PRESS THE END BUTTON. I just considered it as my learning process in order to save money using a prepaid phone. I hope that helps!

Net 10 service has been great!

By N. Lynn, posted: Aug 09The good: Customer service rep answered quickly and was helpful each time I called This is a very easy phone for Sr. Citizens to use.

The bad: Bought a card to add minutes and had to call the rep to make sure it added the time but they walked me through it and made sure the minutes finally got added.

Summary: This is a great phone for people who just want to have a cell phone in case of emergencies and to use occasionally for long distance calls. You don't have to have a contract and it is easy to add minutes. Perfect for the elderly...and easy to use.

Use them: If you do not care about customer service.

By Hans Clebsch, posted: May 09The good: Simple as long as you have no issues. Good coverage. Obviously no contracts.

The bad: 1. Non-exsistant Customer service (worse than POOR!) So if you do have a problem you are sunk.
2. Sometimes call appears to go through and is charged, but actually has not completed. (and no refund) This is aggravating after 20 or so times.

Summary: I have used Net10 for over one year. The phone itself has been very good. I get good coverage all over. The signal is quite good (here in NE Ohio). We have a number of pockets between traditional providers here and this phone takes care of them all.


As I write I am on hold to them for over an hour. You would think that something as simple as updating your credit card expiration date would be easy. Not with this company. Having previous experience with them I asked the CSR as he said he was transferring me to the "cue" to take the information, if it would be long. He answered, "No. I just spoke with them." Well, as I am still drafting this and still on hold. Read other peoples reviews about taking days and days on the phone to resolve issues.

They are, I believe, based in Costa Rica. So if you are willing to take a chance with a Central American Banana Republic phone company, go for it!

I use them because I do not want a contract. Read the other reviews about their poor customer service.

Net 10 is best for me

By John Ross, posted: Mar 09The good: Price is simple and fair, reload of minutes easy online, good phones

The bad: Had none so far (9 months, 3 phones)

Summary: I have 3 Net 10 phones...price is simple and fair...have not found any better deal. I **hate** signing a damn contract for a damn phone--easier to buy a house! I think having more than one phone is a good idea, prevents going phoneless if one fails. 10-cents a minute, that's it...go online and add minutes and they appear in about 3 minutes or less. Get MOTOROLA phones--all others are crap. Simple Prepaid phones will save you money not having to see psychiatrists after trying to read a phone-contract bill with it's 300 ways to bill you--death by a thousand cus. Net10--NO EVIL!!

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